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April 23 - 26, 2020



Where is the home for those creating belonging?

We are leaders, facilitators, creators, and sustainers. We are bridging the emerging field of social health and wellness with the mainstream: science, business, work, religion.

At the Living Room, we are coming together to enact a new vision:

A coalition for the connection revolution.

Together, we represent numerous organizations with a common goal:
to define our field,
to establish it,
and to create self-aware systems that sustain it.

To invent practices that shake up social norms through experiences intended to help communities, workplaces, and families thrive.

To study and cultivate psychological safety, empathy, and authenticity in innovative ways.

To increase connection, growth, and play on all levels.

To fight the loneliness epidemic with every tool we have.


The movement-builders are gathering.

Be the inception of something that could transform us all.

"A thrilling experience that brilliantly blends

the whimsical charm of true creative spontaneity

with the kind of high-caliber content

that is born only by high level leaders of different fields

coming together to envision what is possible in the future."

- Attendee

The living room was attractive at face value,

but nothing could have prepared me for the massively impactful nature of the container.

I had more new ideas about my business and life journey this weekend

than I have in the last 6 months.

- Attendees

This was a great way to deepen intelligent connection

while respecting agency of service and leadership.

- Attendee

The Living Room brought an incredible group of visionaries and facilitators together

with the play and space to flow.

Amazing experience!

- Attendee


$187 - 375


create it with us

Didn't receive a personal invitation?


"i don’t often participate in conferences...but when I do, it’s the Living Room"

Brian J. Robertson
Holacracy founder

Requirements of attendance


You are a leader within an active business, entrepreneurial, academic, or connective venture.

You're welcome if you work for someone else, as long as you are leading or innovating to better culture, connection, and/or holistic impact within that organization.


You must have a regular, active practice of personal or relational growth work.

This could comprise meditation, circling, shadow work, authentic relating, therapy, dance, etc.


You must lead, teach, or instigate something, however small, during the weekend.

"There is no light at the end of this tunnel, so it's a good thing we brought matches."

Sifu Hotman

What to expect


APIs for Life

Mastermind groups

Lightning talks

Authentic Relating



Guided Yoga

Intentional Walks

Online dance parties!




Gong ceremony 

Reflections on the world



Identity catalysts

Feedback opportunities


Why You?

We've created this conference to be application and invite-only. You'll be among others at your level of capacity, interest, and values. What would make you a fit?


This conference was created because we got tired of having endless 1:1 video calls with people that were changing our minds and lives, and decided we should all get in the same space. 

If you're a fit for this conference, you have the capacity to connect on a human-to-human level.

You don't take yourself too seriously.

You've probably done communication, relating, or personal growth work.

You maybe get the cosmic joke.

Most of all, you really don't suck to talk to, so we want to talk to you.


The world needs a new story.

If you're accepted to this conference, it's because you're trying to make a change. You're a teacher, a writer, a programmer, an artist, an organizer, an entrepreneur, a transformation worker, a leader in your field or your community. You're probably not all of those, but you get the idea.

Many of you work alone or feel alone. We want you to find new ideas and collaborations, and think you will among the others here.

You're a creator. We'll set a high-quality stage. You will help decide what goes on it.

high standards

You're busy most of the time. You guard your time with care. You've done plenty of work on yourself, and want to be around others who have too. You probably find most conferences boring.

If you don't like something, you'll tell us so that we can make it better, rather than staying quiet and dissatisfied.

If we throw in a curveball of mischief or challenge, you're more likely to rise to the challenge than to come complain.

Long story short: playing with you is going to be fun.

"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal."

Paulo Coelho

April 23-26, 2020

Thursday night
Half-day Friday
Full day Saturday
Half day Sunday




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