Welcome to the Living Room.


Event information

Mondays pre-event: Connection calls

Thursday night: Virtual Dinner Party
Friday (half day): Open space and curated networking
Saturday (full day): panel discussions, open space, lightning talks, play, personal and project networking
Sunday (half day): Movement forward into the world, personally and collectively


Full Price

Buying this ticket will allow us to cover our costs (approximately 10k for labor hours, invitations, and platform costs). It will also let us provide scholarships to others. 


Half Price

We're in tough times. If being at this conference will benefit you, it will benefit us, and we want to have you there. If you can't afford a full-price ticket, click here for half off - no questions asked.


Purchase Limit

You may purchase one ticket, for yourself. If you wish to bring anyone with you or have the desire to play with someone particular at the event, recommend them to us here.

We trust your instincts, and, we are holding a strong vision for this conference and want to respect the power of a diverse group with shared values.


Other Questions?

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